Early Disney Films on Blu-Ray

Just a quick note: Though the Walt Disney Company has released most of its early animated films on blu-ray, the company hasn’t put many of their early live action features into this format.  Some of these films can be downloaded in HD from Amazon and iTunes.  But maybe you’re like me: I like owning the physical disc.  I saw today that some of the early live action films are available on Blu-Ray through the Disney Movie Club.  I usually associate the DMC with family purchases.  But tucked away inside the site are a number of 1950s and 1960s films on blu-ray, films on which Walt worked.

Presently I believe the list includes: The Absent-Minded Professor, the Davy Crockett films (looks to be theatrical cuts), Swiss Family Robinson, Old Yeller and Treasure Island.

Click HERE to for more information.  I believe that you can use any of these blu ray titles to join the club.

Direct link to site: http://fbuy.me/dipSD

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