Tomorrowland Concept – With Monorail Station – 1954
UPDATE: The Disneyland Monorail That Almost Was
by Todd James Pierce

Every now and then I update an old post–usually when I find new artwork or photos.  Recently I updated an article called “The Greatest Disneyland Tragedy,” about a helicopter crash, when new photos surfaced.  Today I’m updating an article about the original Disneyland monorail–the one that was never built.  The artwork–which I’ve already tucked into the article–shows the “hanging basket” style monorail that Walt initially envisioned for Tomorrowland.  In this drawing, you can see the elevated monorail station and load area, centered around the Moonliner Rocket.  Interestingly, this piece of prime real estate is pretty much where–in 1967–designers place the elevated load area for the PeopleMover, a load area that looked almost exactly like the one pictured here.

Over in the original article, “The Disneyland Monorail That Almost Was,” you’ll find the story of this  monorail as well as a dozen photos of the real-world monorail that inspired Walt’s initial designs.

NOTE: Click on the above artwork for a larger picture and better detail.


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Link to: The Disneyland Monorail That Almost Was 

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