Home Movies of the Disney Studio (1962)
by Todd James Pierce

About a year ago, I came across the home movies of Ken Murray.  Who was Ken Murray?  He was a radio star, also the host of an early TV variety program, The Ken Murray Show.  (For Disney fans, he had a small role in Follow Me, Boys.)  In addition to his professional work, he documented Hollywood life on 16mm film.  From this, he produced–among other things–two full-length documentaries that showcased his home movies of the 1940s through the 1960s.  One of the compilations featured some excellent footage of the Disney Studio in 1962.  Probably this was shot in spring–maybe April or May.  The section on the Disney studio is about four minutes long.  There’s Fred MacMurray, working on Son of Flubber, also some finishing work on the figures for the elephant bathing pool.  Oh, yes, Zorro Street and the residential street.  The fun starts at the 9 minute, 14 second mark.  Click play.  Enjoy.

A few quick notes: (1) In the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen some amazing photos over in our DHI Facebook Discussion Group.  These photos include images of Walt, the studio in the 1940s, construction shots of Disneyland, etc.  (2) The podcast–which is more or less a blog-on-tape–is up and running.  You can subscribe through iTunes with this link.  (Or search iTunes for Disney History Institute Podcast.)  (3) Paul and I each posted up one article for Disneyland’s 58th anniversary.  Paul pulled together an amazing photo essay of Disneyland construction (which is here).  And I put up an essay based on never-before-published presentations with Walt on the future of Audio-Animatronics, a future that was never fully realized (which is here).
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