To continue on with the Toby Tyler campaign manual, here is the synopsis that was included, along with one of the newspaper layouts.

     A colorful circus parade through the main street of Guilford, a small American town of 50 years ago, attracts young Toby Tyler (KEVIN CORCORAN). He follows it to the big tent where, lacking money for a ticket, he meets a fast-talking lemonade and peanut vendor named Harry Tupper (BOB SWEENEY). Seeking a helper, Tupper offers the boy a job but Toby explains he is needed by his aunt Olive (EDITH EVANSON) and uncle Daniel (TOM FADDEN) on their farm.
     Toby, an orphan, gets home late and is berated by his harsh uncle. Made to feel that he is thoroughly useless, he runs away to work for Harry Tupper. Toby soon learns that his employer is no Lord Bountiful. But there are compensations. He meets a variety of circus folk: show owner Col. Sam Castle (RICHARD EASTHAM), strong man Ben
     Cotter (HENRY CALVIN), head clown Sam Treat (GENE SHELDON), a pretty equestrienne his own age, Mile. Jeanette (BARBARA BEAIRD) and her partner, M. Ajax (DENNIS JOEL). He also meets a mischievous little chimpanzee whom he names Mr. Stubbs.
     Toby is riding the monkey wagon with Ben and Mr. Stubbs when the circus parades into Woodvale. There an exploding firecracker frightens their team. The horses bolt, overturning the wagon and setting free Mr. Stubbs and his fellow simians. Pandemonium results. Mr. Stubbs creates his share by terrorizing the town with a loaded revolver.
     Some days later Toby is chatting with Mile. Jeanette when Ajax, showing off on horseback, injures himself in a fall. Toby has led the girl to think he can ride, and she tells this to Col. Castle. Almost before he realizes it, Toby is being groomed as Ajax’s successor.
     Toby, troubled by conscience and a sincere desire to return home with money for his uncle, decides he must leave the circus. But Mr. Stubbs thwarts him by stealing and scattering his savings.
     On the night of his triumphant professional debut, Toby discovers that Harry Tupper has withheld all mail from aunt Olive and uncle Daniel. Belatedly reading that he is needed and missed on the farm, he immediately sets out for Guilford. Mr. Stubbs follows and overtakes him.
     Meanwhile an angry Harry Tupper has started after Toby and the supposedly stolen chimp, reporting their absence to several individuals along the way including a bobcat hunter named Jim Weaver (JAMES DRURY). Toby and the chimpanzee are hiding from Tupper when Weaver, alerted to movements in the treetops, fires and hits Mr. Stubbs. Leaving his friend for dead, Toby sobbingly rides back to the circus with Tupper. There he is greeted warmly by his aunt and uncle, notified through Ben Cotter. But although he is welcomed back by everyone, Toby grieves for Mr. Stubbs.
     It is an exciting moment, then, when Jim Weaver appears unexpectedly with the lamented chimp. Except for a flesh wound, now nearly healed, Mr. Stubbs is as good as ever. He is so sound, in fact, that when Toby— now Monsieur Toby, equestrian extraordinaire—performs his daring rosin-back act the chimpanzee joins him in a show-stopping climax which promises to produce a new circus star: Monsieur Stubbs!

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