Greatest Tragedy Update

Greatest Tragedy Update

Quick update:

Earlier this year, I ran a story on the “Greatest Disneyland Tragedy” — 23 people who died on an LA Airways Helicopter departing from Disneyland.  At that time, I had no photos of the actual crash.  But recently I came across two press photos of the wreckage in Paramount, California.  You can find the original article here (now updated with these photos as well).  –TJP

1968 – LA Airways Wreckage / Arrow Indicates Rotor
1968 – Cleanup of Wreckage at Night

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  1. In the mid 1960’s my mom and dad took the LA Airways Helicopter from the Disneyland Heliport (3rd location across from Disneyland Hotel) to connect with their flight to Hawaii at LAX.

    There’s a photograph of them standing on the small tarmac, big smiles and dressed in smart business attire, very close to the helicopter before it departed.

    Standing behind the waist-high chain link fence, my grandmother, sister and I watched as the helicopter took off and flew past our view towards LAX.

    Just can’t imagine what life would have been like if I had lost both of them in a crash like the one featured here.

    My heart aches for those who lost precious loved ones in LA Airways Helicopter crashes.

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