by Paul F. Anderson

Fantastic slide of the Moonliner from 1958. I wonder what the sign at the
base of the TWA Rocket has to say?

We truly try to give you Disney History here at DHI that you won’t find anywhere else–such as this photo
from the spring of 1962 featuring the sign below the Moonliner. Of interest is the chipping and peeling paint
at the lower portion of the sign. Yes, even Walt had to contend with maintenance issues, and obviously it is
being taken care of, for behind the sign (as seen through the fence) is what appears to be one of the
maintenance vehicles used in the Park.
Top photo features a close up of the maintenance vehicle for Disneyland. Bottom photo shows the
more common truck that was used for maintenance at the Happiest Place on Earth during the 1950s and 1960s.
Another wonderful stylized view of the Rocket to the Moon from the 1960 Disneyland Guidebook.
From the 1956 Disneyland Guidebook. With the caption: “Symbols of
Tomorrowland: Disneyland’s Spaceman and Spacegirl wave to
‘earthlings,’ while TWA’s tall rocket pylon stands ready to
‘blast off’ into outer space.
The Rocket To the Moon’s last appearance in a Disneyland Guidebook (from 1965). There was no 1966 guidebook
and by 1967, the Moonliner had launched its way out of Disneyland.
Wonderful vacation slide from the early 1960s (probably 1962).
Also at the right a view of the lily pad like covering that was featured
in WED Concept Art for Tomorrowland as early as 1954.
And speaking of the early Tomorrowland WED Concept Art that features the lily pads as covering … is this DHI
exclusive, very rare (never-before-seen) Herbert Ryman art for Tomorrowland with the Moonliner set back into
the land. In this 1954 rendering the lily pad leaf forms “spill water into raised pools.” Also of note at the right
is what appears to be a large lily pad which may be a support for a roof or dome for the entire land. This
“domed Tomorrowland” concept was floated around early on, but was cost prohibitive. As in the WED Concept
Art posted in the previous DHI Moonliner post, the lily pads here are also reminiscent of
Frank Lloyd Wright’s design for the Johnson Wax building’s “Great Workroom” in Racine, Wisconsin.
The Great Workroom featuring Wright’s innovative design, from the Johnson Wax Building, Racine, Wisconsin.
(Image Courtesy SC Johnson Company)
Fabulous Rocket to the Moon shot, including the Court of Honor
(and someone’s grandmother). From opening year, 1955.
What is the best way to close DHI’s celebration of the Moonliner? Obviously with rare,
never-before-seen Herbert Ryman WED Concept Art. Circa 1954.


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