Old Tomorrowland Month
Presents A Tribute
by Paul F. Anderson

DATELINE DHI: July 22, 1955, Disneyland’s TWA Rocket to the Moon opens.

TWA Rocket To The Moon Original Attraction Poster, 1955.
The Disneyland News March 10, 1956
TWA Rocket to the Moon, E Ticket Attraction.
WED Concept Art, 1954, oddly putting the Rocket to the Moon at the Tomorrowland Entrance and the
Clock of the World set back into Tomorrowland.

WED Concept Art, 1954, by Herbert Ryman. Aerial view of Tomorrowland showing the position of the Rocket
so as to visually draw guests into Tomorrowland. The wienie concept.

Fantastic stylized publicity art for summer of 1955 Los Angeles area newspaper supplements that heralded the
opening of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

WED Concept Art, 1954, John Hench. This early concept shows the idea of a Space Port and Rocket Ship.

Classic Strombecker Moonliner Model so kids
could take a piece of Disneyland home with them.

Wonderful 1950s ticket that visually demonstrates the ride we would undertake.

WED Concept Art, circa 1954, showcasing the Moonliner set back in an idealized Tomorrowland. The toadstools
are quite evocative of the Frank Lloyd Wright designed Johnson Wax Building, featuring a similar futuristic
design in the “Great Workroom.” 

Part of the peripheral promotional material that was so important to Walt Disney.
This 1955 Whitman Tomorrowland coloring book was part of an overall
Whitman Fun Box set, with coloring books, cards, and activities–all designed
to encourage an interest and love of the Happiest Place on Earth.
Chip ‘n’ Dale take flight on the TWA Moonliner, from the interior pages of the Tomorrowland coloring book.


COMPLIMENTARY MATERIAL PAGE: As per several of the requests in the comments to this essay, I have posted the Ticket Book from which the TWA Rocket to the Moon ticket came from. You can see it here and the back here.

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