Here at the Institute we wanted to wish Disneyland a proper Happy Birthday, and to do so would require a birthday cake. We thought this cake from Disneyland’s 25th Birthday would be appropriate (especially when Todd and I discovered we were both in attendance at the 25-hour birthday celebration!) But wait, you are now thinking, isn’t Disneyland’s birthday on July 17th? Well, yes. Or no. The debate still rages on as to what is the proper date to celebrate Disneyland’s birthday (Todd wrote an excellent essay on it a year ago: July 17th or July 18th). We at the Institute like the 18th, because that is the date it was primarily celebrated on during Walt’s lifetime … and after all, the Institute is devoted to “Walt Disney’s creative legacy” … so if it was good enough for Walt, it is good enough for DHI. And yes, we are aware that even during Walt’s time on this planet there was some flip flopping (we’ll let the battle carry forth in our comments section). And so, to add a little fuel to the fire, I offer the following Disneyland News article from the March 10, 1956 issue. In the editorial “A Promise Kept” we are reminded that Walt “officially opened the gates of Disneyland to an eagerly expectant world” on July 18, 1955. So, Happy 57th Birthday Disneyland! Let the name calling begin! And enjoy!

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