Opening Day at America Sings, Tomorrowland, June 29, 1974
Such an uproar of interest in America Sings when I posted the opening day photo last Friday, that I thought I’d try it again. A different photo this time. Since my fellow fellow Todd was scanning the crowd for Burl Ives, I thought I’d give him more crowd to scan. He should be pretty easy to see! (Or at least it looks like him to me.) I am not aware if Burl Ives was indeed in attendance (of the opening shots that I have here at the Institute, I could not see him for real … and I haven’t pulled the Institute file on America Sings, which I know has all the opening day material, press releases, etc.–sorry, lazy historian today, other historical work keeping me busy), but it stands to reason he may have been. Anyway, just wanted to keep the America Sings love-a-thon going. Glad that Institute readers are as much in love with this fantastic attraction as the Institute fellows. Enjoy!

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