Opening Day Ceremonies for America Sings, June 29, 1974.
Todd and I were totally blown away when we saw James Lopez’s fantastic tribute to Disneyland’s America Sings attraction (see post and video below). I have been a lifelong America Sings fan, and it remains as one of my strongest memories from my first trip to Disneyland in 1977. So compelled was I by this show, that I made it a point to interview Marc Davis, Alice Davis, and Buddy Baker specifically on their contributions to the show; which will hopefully make it into a DHI essay in the future. So to keep the America Sings love going (and support Lopez’s dream) I went digging through the Institute’s archives to find something unique from this attraction, a rarely seen view of opening day of this “Magical Joyride To Musicland, U.S.A.” So, lets give James as much support as we can as a community, as it would be great to see the film completed. Enjoy! And thank you James!!!

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