Since “Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs”, Disney has released Exhibition books for each of their movies throughout the years.  The question you may be asking now is, “What’s an Exhibition book?”.  These booklets would contain information about the movie, the actors and actresses, promotions and possible contests, and even pre-written reviews.  While I will not be going into details about everything that is inside of these movie treasure troves, (we will save that for a later post!), I will focus on a one specific aspect.  The fun items that could be inside.

On June 23rd, 2012, D23 will be holding a special screening on the Disney Studio Lot for their ongoing segment called, “50 and Fabulous”.  The movie this time around is, “In Search of the Castaways”.  This event inspired me to dig into the DHI archives and find what I could about this movie and how it was promoted.

Also, to help get myself and others in the mood for this event, and pretty much anybody that wants to take part, DHI will be posting a few of the different “Fun” items from the two different books over the next few days.

Today’s fun item is a maze that is found in the 1970 re-release book.  I have left the details at the top so that we could understand how it could be used in the movies promotion.

Now it’s time to make your escape!  Enjoy, and keep your eye’s open for the next segment.

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