From the Disneyland News March 10, 1956 issue. Like “real” newspapers the News was in need of content. Oddly, with a bevy of the world’s most talented comic strips artists available (within the confines of the Disney Comic Strip Department–see Sunday Funnies on Floyd Gottfredson), this particular issue decided to go outside the realm, to the hard and dried world of the editorial cartoonist…in particular, from a “top sports department cartoonist for The New York World Telegram and Sun.” Willard Mullin, apparently giddy from a visit to Disneyland, shared with his faithful readers–“through his own unique gift for draughtmanship–his thoughts on Walt Disney’s Happiest Place on Earth.
In a purely unscientific approach to this (Todd and I are historians, NOT scientists) I have to say that it is my profound recollection that out of the 1000s of editorials and reviews that I have read (mostly from New York newspapers) for my various Walt-related research projects, that the New York World Telegram (later the New York World Telegram and Sun) heavily favored Walt Disney creations (as compared to other New York City newspapers, such as PM, that all too-often panned Disney). It should be noted that the Telegram and Sun closely paralleled Walt’s artistic career in Hollywood, lasting from 1931 to 1966. Coincidence or not. Yeah, you are probably right.

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