In honor of the snow storm we are having here in the mountain west today (while Todd basks on the beach in California), as well as the previous Walt skiing photo I posted here at DHI, I offer another rarely (if ever?) seen 1930s candid photo of Walt Disney on one of his vacation retreats to the California snow-capped mountains. 
I wanted to get this photograph of Walt up before Todd and I start posting several essays on the “Disneyland Canon: 1957” DHI Film that has created a great deal of interest so far (by the time you read this, it will be over 200,000 views!). Coming soon (very soon!) are Todd’s thoughts and insights regarding many of the comments made around the Internet on the film. Later this week, I’ll post a material culture essay on some of the minutia as seen in the “Canon” (can you say Keppy Kap). So look for a great week of Disney History here at the Institute.

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