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A couple years back, I was interviewed for a documentary about an unusual theme park…a park that was designed but never built.  Its name, Bible Storyland.  The park was designed by Nat Winecoff Enterprises–with Nat,  of course, being the very first WED employee personally hired by Walt Disney.  Nat Winecoff supervised many aspects of Disneyland’s development, from 1952 through its opening.  In the late 1950s, Nat Winecoff formed his own company to design Disney-style theme parks for independent investment groups.  Nat was also able to hire away Bruce Bushman from Disney, an artist who completed many early concept drawings for Fantasyland.  As of today, the documentary has a distributor (Cargo Film).  There are a few clips online.

(I should point out that, aside from being interviewed, I was not involved in the production of the film.)

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