The Disneylander May 1958
By Paul F. Anderson
Just want to assure all of our faithful DHI readers that amidst all the Hatbox hula-baloo, Liberty Tree mania, and Pirate Trio gawking, that we have not forgotten that it is Disneyland Railroad Month here at the Institute. So as a special treat, here are the complete Railroad contents of The Disneylander volume 2 number 5, from May 1958. Published by the Disneyland Recreation Club, this offered Disneyland cast members (or “Disneylanders”) an exclusive look at their place of employment and Walt Disney. Today, issues are extremely scarce (it took me well over 25 years to put a complete set together) and quite pricey (upwards of $225 for rarer issues), but full of fantastic historical information. So after “jumping the track” we offer this as our apology to those expecting more Disneyland Railroad information and ask for your continued patronage of DHI. Furthermore, they are scanned in at a high resolution, so with a “click and a zoom in” you’ll have fantastic detail, and hours of enjoyment exploring Walt’s celebrated Railroad legacy.


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