Spring Fling 1963. Disneyland Cast Members Carla Calhoun and Tim
Tilman Try Out the Latest Surfing Gear in Disneyland’s Submarine Pool.

Spring Fling April 6, 1963.

The early days at Disneyland were so much fun. They were always putting on special events that had wide-ranging appeal. Not just a big Birthday Bash All-Year event, but actual legitimate events that might last a day, or week, or month, or even a season; something that was for the pure purpose of having a good time, and not just selling merchandise. Early in Disneyland’s history the idea for these events was to boost attendance at the Park, but the marketing folk quickly learned that people came anyway … they loved Disneyland. So in keeping with Walt’s thoughts about keeping the place fresh and new, the events went on anyway and became commonplace. Like this one, the 1963 Spring Fling.

Spring Fling was a one-day ticketed event held on April 6, 1963. It featured more than $7500 in prizes to be given away (imagine, Disneyland actually giving us something!). The prize list included equipment for water skiing, skin-diving, surfing, and a wonderful, completely restored 1946 “Woodie” for Disneyland beach enthusiasts. The latter complete with a Disneyland “D” on the doors and spare wheel (where oh where is this fantastic bit of history now?).

Spring Fling, April 6, 1963.
A pair of Orange County college students, who also happened to work at Disneyland in their “out-of-class time” were showcased in publicity shots to run throughout Southland newspapers and promote the event. The special party ran from 8 p.m. until 1 a.m. and featured dancing to five bands.

The occasion was meant to appeal to the thousands of Southern California students that were eagerly awaiting Spring vacation, and became the big Springtime kick-off event at Disneyland.

Los Angeles Times 3/31/63.

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