by Paul F. Anderson
In keeping with the age-old Blog tradition of apologizing for lack of posts … I apologize. It was time well spent, however (with over two weeks at the Walt Disney Archives on Walt Disney and World War II).
I had left things with a series of posts (images) on Dixieland at Disneyland. I had more to add to the blog before my research took me elsewhere, so I decided I’ll just catch up where I left off. From this post and the following post, I’ll offer a little more of the historical background on the Dixieland at Disneyland experience.

The popular event started in 1960 as a “Special Party.” This opening year saw six Dixieland bands performing on the Rivers of America in Frontierland. It partially took the operations people at Disneyland by surprise, when over 9000 jazz fans descended on Disneyland to enjoy the various concerts throughout the parks. The ticket that heads this essay, is from the first ever Dixieland at Disneyland on October 1, 1960. The event would last through 1970, but here at the Institute we are going to focus on the heyday of Dixieland at Disneyland, the first five years (1960 to 1964). What follows in the next post will be rare (many never-before-seen) images of the Dixieland at Disneyland event in September 1963 (The Fourth Annual …). Enjoy!
Throughout the early years, tickets were available from numerous locations. Advanced ticket sales were encouraged, and a price discount was given for buying early. Those that be at Disneyland wanted to know what kind of crowds to prepare for. The best place to purchase your advanced ticket, and the only place to purchase a day-of ticket, was the the Disneyland Box Office. Tickets were also available at many other Southern California businesses. A few examples: Desmond’s Stores, Wallichs Music City, Long’s Drug Stores, Liberty Ticket Agencies, and So. California Music Co. The ticket prices in these early years? $4.50 for the 1960 Dixieland at Disneyland, and apparently these were available only at Disneyland and there were no advanced ticket prices. By 1961 and 1962 the price went to $4.95 for an advanced ticket purchase (available at numerous locations) and $5.50 when purchased the day of the event. It appears as if 1960 and 1961 were a one-day event and by 1962 it became a two-day event; always being held in the fall, just after the busy season had ended.
1st Annual ~ 1960
Saturday, October 1st ~ 8pm to 1am

Pete Kelly’s Original 7 (Scheduled but cancelled and replaced by Dick Cathcart)
Bob Crosby and the Bob Cats
The Elliott Bros. And the Dixie Dandies
Disneyland Strawhatters
Teddy Buckner
Joe Darensbourg and the Dixie Flyers
Albert McNeil Choir

Alton Purnell and Monette Moore (Young Men From New Orleans).

2nd Annual ~ 1961
Saturday, September 30 ~ 8pm to 2am
Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong
Teddy Buckner
Matty Matlock & His Dixieland All-Stars
The Firehouse Five + 2
The Young Men From New Orleans
The Disneyland Strawhatters
The Albert McNeil Choir
3rd Annual ~ 1962
Friday & Saturday, September 28 and 29, 8pm to 2am
With a Salute to Disneyland show on the Delta of Frontierland’s Rivers of America
Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong
The Dukes of Dixieland
Teddy Buckner
The Firehouse Five Plus 2
“Plus–A Special Surprise Dixieland Band from New Orleans”
Young Men From New Orleans
New Orleans All-Stars
Clara Ward Singers
The Albert McNeil Choir
4th Annual ~ 1963
Friday & Saturday, September 27 and 28, 8pm to 2am
Al Hirt & His Band
The Dukes of Dixieland
Teddy Buckner & His Band
The Firehouse Five Plus 2
Kid Ory & The Young Men From New Orleans

5th Annual ~ 1964
Friday & Saturday, September 25 and 26 ~ 8pm to 2am
Louis Armstrong
Elliott Brothers’ Big Band Dixie
The Ward Singers
Kid Ory with the Young Men from New Orleans
Burch Mann Dancers
Sharkey Bonano and his Kings of Dixieland
Sweet Emma Barrett and her New Orleans Jazz Band
Ben Pollack and his Pick-A-Rib Boys
The Firehouse Five Plus 2
What will follow is rare images from the 1963 Dixieland at Disneyland, including the rarely (if ever?) seen stage, with the set designs of Rolly Crump!

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