My two boys, who I absolutely adore and our favorite thing is to go to a Disney Theme Park, keep suggesting that I move myself into the 1980s and 1990s from time to time. After all, they proclaim, History is anything in the past! So in honor of my six-year old and twelve-year old, I offer some Imagineering Artwork for Splash Mountain at the Magic Kingdom. Song of the South has always been a favorite film of mine (and not just because Ken Anderson was the Cartoon Art Director), and the Splash Mountain attraction ranks in our families’ top five attractions (the only “new” attraction to make our top five). I realize that the Imagineers of today respect and cherish what their “elders” did, and really it is just building on top of the legacy of Walt Disney. So, to placate my two sons, I offer these four pieces of Imagineering art dated March and April of 1990. It comes from an Imagineering slide collection of over 5000 slides that I purchased back in the mid-1990s (much of which, I hope to share here at the Institute). I am not well versed in the art and style of the current Imagineers, so I would be appreciative of anyone who can tell me who the work belongs to (I could pick a Hench, from a Herbie, from a Mckim, a MILE away … but I’m sort of lost with the new artists that are carrying on Walt’s creative legacy). Moreover, this is my first attempt at scanning slides with my new Epson (for the Mac) Scanner (so those who offered technical advice when I asked back in November, thank you); so let me know how the scans turned out and any suggestions you might have (yes, I know a couple of them have the top ever-so-slightly cut off). Enjoy.

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