The Sunday Funny for today is the newspaper comic strip Luann by Greg Evans. It takes place in a suburban setting and centers around teenager Luann DeGroot and her life, family, and friends. The strip appeals mostly to young adults and teenagers, and is appreciated for not only the humor but the use of real-life social and political issues such as: birth control, drunk driving, cancer, 911, and more. The strip was first syndicated by United Features Syndicate in 1985, and continues to this day. In 2003 Evans won the Reuben Award as Cartoonist of the Year.

I decided artist Greg Evans must be a bit of a Disney fan, as I have quite a few Disney references in his Luann comic strip–the above being my favorite. In this strip, the artist pays tribute to Disney Nine Old Man, Ward Kimball. The strip is from August 6, 1997.

Click on the image for a larger and clearer image.

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