Always a visionary and always interested in technology, here Walt Disney sees Ferdinand the Bull off for London in 1938: “In this photograph are Walt Disney and his good friend, Ned E. Depinet, Vice-President of RKO Radio Pictures [“Good Friend” might be pushing it, as in the late 1930s through early 1940s Walt and Roy seemingly were always in some sort of argument with RKO and their lack of effort on promoting the films]. They are watching as an operator of RCA Communications’ facsimile machine flashes overseas one of Mr. Disney’s sketches of Ferdinand the Bull to be released Thanksgiving week by RKO Radio Pictures, Inc. Thanks to RCA facsimile service, London associates of Mr. Disney were able to have a quick advance look at the animal based on artist Robert Lawson’s pictures from Munro Leave’s bovine nonsense story. Walt Disney has long been known as Hollywood’s Cinemaster of Arts. In June, honorary degrees made this popular genius both a Yale and Harvard Master of Arts.”

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