I am scheduling this to post at the very minute I am picking up J.B. at the airport today. Yes, the brilliant Mr. Kaufman is here to do research for the next few days. I’m excited to report, that he and I are going to sit down and do an extensive interview regarding his book, South of the Border With Disney. My hope is that this indepth interview will stimulate additional interest in this marvelous book. Therefore, I am requesting from the Institute readers who are familiar with the book, or just want to know more, to help me by submitting questions you would like answered. (These can be about other books J.B. has done as well, or the Walt Disney Family Museum.) We’ll most likely do the interview Saturday, so anytime before then, email me at [email protected] with KAUFMAN QUESTIONS in the subject line, and I’ll do my best to get to them in my interview. My hope is to offer this as the first DHI Podcast. Thanks for your help!!

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