While looking at other unofficial Disney websites, I found that I most enjoyed the ones that had a good variety of material and that also had a regular schedule. I would know that on Monday or Wednesday or whenever something would be posted each week. Of course, this was Walt’s concept with the original Disneyland television show featuring the four different lands-Tomorrowland, Fantasyland, Frontierland, and Adventureland-each with their own themed show related to that land (“On tonight’s show, from Tomorrowland …”). This themed concept was even more evidenced from the original Mickey Mouse Club. I always liked the idea that each day was devoted to something specific whether it be “Talent Roundup” or “Fun With Music” day. There were always more to the show than just the theme, but that themed segment was always guaranteed.

Thus, I am going to start with a similar schedule so that all of you know what you will find on any given day during the week. There will quite a bit more on many of these days, especially as time permits (I am still heading to the Archives at least once a month to work on the Disney World War II book for the Walt Disney Family Foundation). So at the very least, you should be guaranteed the following segments will appear on the appropriate days!

Monday-WALT QUOTE DAY. I think it is a great way to start the week with a quote from Walt. I will be selecting some of my favorite quotes as well as some obscure ones. I will also write a short commentary about why I chose that quote sometimes discussing what was going on at the Disney Studio or in Walt’s life at the time.

Tuesday-WALT’S PEOPLE DAY. My apologies to my good friend, Didier Ghez, for borrowing that title. Didier edits an outstanding series of books that feature interviews with people who worked at Disney and I am pleased to contribute to this outstanding project. I think there are a lot of animators, Imagineers and more that are little known to the general public. Many people think the Nine Old Men did the animation for everything produced at the Disney Studio. So these will be short little spotlights on some of the people who worked with Walt. It may be a short biography or it may be a short excerpt from an interview with them. And just because I spotlight someone doesn’t mean in a couple of weeks or months I won’t do another spotlight on them adding a little more to their story. (To purchase the Walt’s People books go to this link at the Institute Gift Shop: Walt’s People Books).

Wednesday-FUN FOTO DAY. I have some wonderful photos from magazines, newspapers, publicity, candid snapshots, studio material, etc. that I will be sharing, sometimes with a little story behind them.

Thursday-HELP WANTED or ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN DAY. Thursday will rotate between anything can happen (something short and unusual) and also pleas for information about projects I or some of my friends are working on at the moment. (As always, my request for any information on Walt Disney’s efforts during World War II, will be most appreciated … by myself and the Disney Family Foundation.)

Friday-GUEST COLUMNIST or HIDDEN TREASURE DAY. Friday will rotate between guest columns from some of my Disney historian friends and items that just don’t fit anywhere else from old advertisements to oddities. The Disney History Guest Columnist will be by invitation, and if I can arrange it, I would like to have one guest columnist each month.

So make sure you drop by every day because every day there will be something new….maybe some special things in addition to these scheduled treats!

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