by Paul F. Anderson

In keeping with my first installment of the “Walt and the Magazine” essay series (see it here) I wanted to share what I consider to be one of the most beautiful magazine covers from Disney history. From Hollywood May1938. The cover art is absolutely brilliant, but a bit of a bastardization. It is obviously a patched together piece of the Gustaf Tenggren art from the original release Snow White (1937) one-sheet (and other promotional pieces). However, shockingly inserted dead center is Dopey from the film. Stylistically he just doesn’t fit (after all, Dopey is the misfit). The reason for this is probably found in the article across the bottom banner “Valuable Prizes–7 Dwarfs Popularity Contest”. It is apparent that someone in the art department at Hollywood is making an effort to have Dopey stand out (after all, he routinely is considered the most popular of the dwarfs, distantly followed by Grumpy). Still, even with this assault on Tenggren’s original, the cover is remarkable. The art is similar to the art for the one-sheet, however the other six dwarfs are in different poses, and of course a few key characters are missing. The art below is the original promotional art by Tengrenn that was recently offered in a Heritage Galleries auction.

Endnotes and Citations can be seen at: endnotes.

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